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How about a souvenir? Japanese style cute Tags

In Japan, large stationery shops have many kinds of  Japanese style cute Tags and  Stickers. How

If you want to buy Japanese text book…

If you want to study Japanese, Where do you get a textbook? ,Internet? or

Small Hokkaido in Tokyo -“Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza”(北海道どさんこプラザ)

The “Hokkaido Dosanko plaza” is the antenna shop which Hokkaido has established. It is

Buy a book secondhand -BOOK OFF-

Book-off is a largest chain recycling bookstore which has a branch of 800 or

Suddenly, comfortable forest had appeared at the fashion town. DAIKANYAMA LOG ROAD.

If you want to buy apparel clothes or want to feel comfortable atmosphere when

Japanese 100 Yen shops..All you need in one shop !!

100 yen shops (100円ショップ) are a type of discount store that sell  various products