The Arakawa Line is the Streercar in Tokyo


The Toden Arakawa Line is the only remaining Tokyo Toden streetcar line. This streetcar line spans from the Minowabashi station, through both residential and commercial areas and finally to the Waseda Station.


Route Map Toei Transportation InformationToden Arakawa Line Route map

P1060564_RThe train is made up of one car.

P1060541_RA platform of  the station is very small.

P1060546_RThe train approaching.

P1060547_RBoard the train through the front door.

P1060548_RThe train is prepaid.You can use “Suica“or “Pasmo”.It is a prepaid e-money card(IC card).

P1060552_RA look of the train.

P1060555_RYou can enjoy the view from driver’s seat in the train.


One Ride
Use exact change or IC card (Suica/PASMO)
Adults: 170 yen (IC card: 165 yen)
Children: 90 yen (IC card: 82 yen)