The Japanese rainy season’s flower Hydrangea ―Ajisai(あじさい)―

Although I don’t like a rainy season(梅雨-Tsuyu-) only with rain, the hydrangea(Ajisai-あじさい-) has greeted best time to see now, and I love this flower.


We can see this flower by here and there such in a flower bed and a park they blooming beautifully.

The hydrangea is loved and familiar among Japanese people with the representative flower of the early summer season for many years.

The hydrangea there are two types of “Hydrangea nacrophylla (額紫陽花/Gakuajisai)” and “Hydrangea(紫陽花/Ajisai)”

“Hydrangea nacrophylla ” has some small bud that is lumpy in the middle, and some big flower as it is surrounded.


“Hydrangea” is the thing which is spherical greatly like a fist.


The color of a flower is blue, pink, white, red, etc…,It is given the language of flower such as “Affair” or ”Fickle” and often compared to women’s heart by reason of the flower color changes after blooming.


Origin of the “Hydrangea nacrophylla” is in Japan, and it is written in a poem of “Manyoshu”, And over to Europe via China and the Silk Road, it was in the form such as are breeding now “Hydrangea”. After that it seems that popularity took off widely like now.


The flower color of a hydrangea is based on the acidity (ph) of the ground, and if the ground is close to acidity, a blue flower will bloom, on the other hand, a purple flower blooms with alkalinity being near from neutrality.

The season of the best time to see of a hydrangea is from June to July. The event about a hydrangea is opened at this season, or there are many places which are collecting popularity as natural features of early summer, such as a hydrangea temple, and are sightseeing spots. It is nice to hopping  in rainy season.

I like something sentimental that this beautiful hydrangea in rain bring me…


What’s your favorite color?

You should check it out!


Ajisai Temple(あじさい寺/Ajisadera)

( Spot name)  Meigetsuin(明月院) in Kamakura

(Adress) 189 Yamanouchi,Kamakura

(Open hours) 8:00am~5:00pm(Only June)

9:00am~4:00pm(Normal business hours)

(Access) 10min walk from JR Kitakamakura St.

(Entree fee) 300yen(Normal season)

500yen (High season)

Information of Ajisai in Kanagawa pref.(Japanese only)


( Spot name)  Mukoujimahyakkaen(向島百花園)in Tokyo

(Adress) 3-18-3 Higashimukoujima,Sumidaku,Tokyo

(Open hours) 9:00am~5:00pm

(Access) 8min walk from Tobu Skytree line Higashimukojima St.

(Entree fee) 150yen


アジサイ:アナベル4~5号ポット[新枝咲きタイプ 大人気商品!][アジサイで最も人気の高い品種]