The person who found that car have good fortune? Red bull car in Japan.


All over the world, there are many reports that people encounter the Red Bull car like above picture.

Of course in Japan also, we sometimes see this Red Bull car.

Today we report Red Bull car of Japanese version.



The same way in other countries, Japanese version Red bull car looks like made from MINI Cooper.

Does Japanese Redbull car not have characteristic point?


I heard all Japanese Redbull cars have number “283”.


Red Bull Corp. want us to read this number as “Tsu-ba-sa”.

2 is pronounced Tsu(two).

3 is pronounced Sa(Japanese usually pronounce 3 as “san”).

But I can’t understand reason why 8 would be pronounced as “Ba”.

Anyway, “Tsubasa” means wings.

So Japanese RedBull Corp. adopted this number.

(As you know, RedBull’s catch copy is “Red Bull gives you wings”)