To see train arrival and departure from inside the train?

Japanese train have a variety type  of feature. however you aren’t allowed to touch train real body with your hand during you are in the station.

Because Almost Kanto region’s train stations are always so crowed that you will hesitate to touch train body.

Today, department of bento-japan would like to introduce the place where you can touch real train body freely.


The place is located at near MusasiKosugi station(toyoko line). If you ask someone where is the place, it is better to use the phrase “observatory deck“.

You are able to arrive about 15 minutes from Shibuya.


And please find long moving staircase.


Was this picture taken at disaster day? It looks too crowed.

No. This is ordinary day’s picture. In evening time, This moving staircase would be too crowed.

Even so this moving staircase is too long….


Once you’ve ariived 4th floor, you will see ticket checker. and then you’ll enter in “Tokyu square” shopping mall.

The 4th floor of Tokyu square is restaurant zoon.


And then go through left side aisle.


In 15m walk takes you to atrium space, there is another moving staircase.

Go to more innner. If you have arrived this atrium space you can choose both side aisle.


After the atrium, red colored Chinese restaurant will become landmark.

sorry for difficulty to find that, next aisle is the direction which is  pointed by yellow arrow.


The place is here! Tokyu square calls this place as “observatory deck”. (But I couldn’t see that name at sign board…)


As you can see upper picture, the wall of this deck is made form train parts.

You see this picture is a just a train? No. this is a deck’s wall.


moving the point of view, you can see tall condominium and Tokyu square building outside wall.


From this deck, you can see train departure and arrival. If you are in train, you wouldn’t be able to look like this scene right?


In this place, you can learn a type of Tokyu Railways train.

There is a Tokyu Railways character “Norurunn” on the right bottom.



If you have a kid, your kid may excite with seeing the Japanese Train.:)