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You can ask “How to get,,,” from this machine! -Route Finder-

It is a touch-panel terminal which can perform a railroad course and change guidance

We’ll go see a Panda in the weekend!

The “Ueno Zoo” located in one corner in Ueno Park was opened as first

Cute vending machine have appeared! Anpanman vending machine.

Do you know avobe pictures character Anpanman? We’ve mentioned about this character in the

The Japanese rainy season’s flower Hydrangea ―Ajisai(あじさい)―

Although I don’t like a rainy season(梅雨-Tsuyu-) only with rain, the hydrangea(Ajisai-あじさい-) has greeted

Too many crane games in Japanese Game Center –Shinjuku-

I know now that avobe picture’s types of crane game is so popular all

Aside from Andersen Park, Chiba-pref has a wonderful garden.

Are you going to go to Funabashi Andersen Park when you will travel to

After cherry blossoms, Other beautiful flowers are blooming in Japan.

(Azalea) Had you seen cherry blossom flowers? Could you enjoy Hanami banquet? Many Japanese

Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep2.

This entry is a sequel of Narita episode. Plese see previous epsode too. We

Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep1.

Which are you going to use “Haneda” or “Narita”? and during staying Japan, would