You can buy anything,anytime- Japanese vending machine-

Vending machine has archived wonderful evolution in Japan!

It sell a wide variety of goods,from obvious items such as drinks,cigarettes and food,through to toys,card games,written oracles,books and umbrellas. You can buy anything in vending machine in Japan.

They are on the streets,on train platforms,and even right outside convenient stores! Available all the time, everywhere!






In the winter ,they sell hot coffees and teas as well as soup.

IMG_0294_RCool (Tsumetai)and Hot(Attakai) drinks inside the same vending machine,that depends on Japanese proprietary technology!


Around half of the vending machines in Japan sells drinks, But we can find unique vending machine easily.

Let’s visit some of the unusual vending machines of Japan.


Banana’s vending machine

located in Shibuya train station(or Tokyo station,Yurakucho station and more),this machine dipenses bananas wrapped in plastic at 130 yen per banana.



popcorn’s vending machine

Usually you can find around the amusement arcade.


Late art vending machine

Located in the Haneda Airport (T2,B1),produced by Yojiya



Apple vending machine

Apple vending machine,Located in Kasumigaseki station(Tokyo metro Marunouchi & Hibiya Line),Ginza station(Hibiya Line),Yotsuya station(Namboku Line)…and more.

Hamburger vending machine

Tateishi Burger ( 3-17-15, Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo)