We’ll go see a Panda in the weekend!

The “Ueno Zoo” located in one corner in Ueno Park was opened as first zoo in Japan in 1882. It is oldest and the number of entrance persons is also the No.1 zoo of Japan.

About 500 kinds of animals are bred inside this zoo which total area is 14,2 hectares.


The place is 5 minutes walk from Koenguchi Entrance Gate of JR Ueno Station.




fee_RWe can buy those tickets with vending machine at the entrance.

Admission Fee

Adults(16-64 years old) 600yen

Senior(65 and over) 300yen

Students(13-15 years old) 200yen

Chirdrens( under 12 years old) Free/ 0 yen

※Free of charge for students(13-15 years old) living or attending schools in Tokyo.
※Free of charge for those with a disability and one person accompanying them.

map_RInside a garden is divided into the “East garden” (東園)and “West garden”(西園), and the place containing a front entrance is the East garden.


First of all,Let’s go to Panda!!


panda2_RThe best popularity in in the Ueno Zoo is a giant panda. A panda is a rare animal also in Japan, there are only three zoos,in Kobe, in Wakayama, and here Ueno Zoo.

The panda which is present in Ueno Zoo now is a pair, Lee Lee(male) and Sing Sing (female).

Since it is mealtime at the time of opening time, it is a chance which can see the panda which is moving around.



In the East garden, an Asian elephant, a lion, a tiger, polar bears including a panda, etc. are exhibited.

lion_Rgollira_Rtiger_Rゾウ_R monkey_Razarashi_R


A monorail can also be taken although we can also walk to go to West garden from the East garden.(Adults: 150 yen ,

Chirdrens: 80 yen)

In the West garden, we can also meet the animals rich in variety such as Giraffe, Rhino, Hippopotamus,  Flamingo, Kangaroo,,,and so on.


framingo_Rgiraff_R カメ_R サイ_R ワニ_R

Furthermore, there is petting farm with small animals, such as a rabbit, a guinea pig and a goat, in the “Child zoo.”  (こども動物園)The petting or feeding experience have decided the time is required check in advance.event_Rrat_R




It can see inside the garden slowly, inserting a break, since there are many restaurants  and stand which has open terrace seat. We can get light meal inside the garden is here and there.

It is the best for peaceful holiday.



Ueno Zoo(上野動物園)

Address:  9-83, Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Open hours: 9:30am~5:00pm (Last admission is at 4:00pm)

Regular Holiday: Monday and New Year(29,Dec~1,Jan)

Ueno Zoo Official site: http://www.tokyo-zoo.net/zoo/ueno/

UENO PANDA.JP:  http://www.ueno-panda.jp/




Various animal goods are sold at the stand, it is also pleasant to see them in it.

Tea strainer…おみやげ_RIce cube maker…おみやげ2_R


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