You can ask “How to get,,,” from this machine! -Route Finder-

IMG_1066_RIt is a touch-panel terminal which can perform a railroad course and change guidance easily at a station. It is called “Route Finder”.

This machine is what JR East Japan developed and established for tourists, and is placed on the big terminal station (such as Shinjuku, Tokyo, Akihabara, and Shinagawa) and airport station(Narita and Haneda) of JR East Japan. It is convenient for foreign tourists without an Internet connectivity and a mobile.


If the screen is touched as guidance, the shortest route and the cheapest route can investigate in an instant.

IMG_1069_RIt shows  by four languages of English, Chinese, and Korean,Japanese.


How to use this machine…

IMG_1071_RAt first, select what service you want to use.

Choose Route Finder or Tourist Information.

IMG_1072_RInput start station and arrival station.

IMG_1073_RYou can also choose from major station on the touch panel.

IMG_1074_RIf a start station and an arrival station are chosen, the search results of a route will be displayed. A mark is displayed on fewest things of time, a charge, and the number of times of a change.



IMG_1076_RIf you put the print butten,,,

IMG_1079_RSince the result of guidance is printed on paper and comes out,you can take it.

The “tourist resort guidance” function to introduce the tourist resort in Japan is also attached.There are various menus and the main tourist resort guidance is also carried out. This function can investigate now the sightseeing spot in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and can look for it according to area, and also a genre called a spot main cities and areas, nature, a hot spring, history and culture, world heritage, and recommended can look for it.


If you find this machine, let’s try it!