You might have recognized that Japanese YURU-Chara sometimes be absurd.

I guess you know Japanese YURU-Chara like a Funasshi. What do you think about those characters?

In Japan, there are many fans of YURU-Chara. And Many cities put their original YURU-chara to the market with expecting popularity.


One day I went to local super-market.


And then I’ve found a pair of YURU-chara. It wasn’t uncommon scene.

onedaysuper2016__3400 のコピー

I’ve approached to them. They were taking a picture with a child. No matter what YURU-chara’s popularity children will be glad to meet sweet characters, right?


At first I couldn’t recognize where did this character’s the motif come from.

Their head is rounded. Only point I could understand is that simple thing.


But when I entered in the event space, I could understand their true motif.

These objects in the box are Japanese apricot. Colors are also same with YURU-chara I saw.


The apricot’s color of freshly harvested is green. And will soon change to yellow.(But yellow color apricot still be fresh)


I thought the reason why YURU-chara head’s color is yellow come from this apricot color.



After going back to my home. I’ve checked that YURU-chara.

They had come from IMARI-city SAGA prefecture.

I have learned IMARI is famous for apricot and their motif was pear.


JA IMARI Web site(Japanese)







Their motif is pear?



Finally I understand they are absolutely embodiment of pear. Their cloth was appealing the truth.


Apparently IMARI city is also famous for their pear. The color I misunderstood is come from pear’s yellow. What a confusing color!


Of course It’s OK to come and cheer local product. It is not necessary to cheer only one product for one YURU-chara.

But like this case, Japanese YURU-chara might confuse you. So please enjoy these Japanese YURU-chara’s absurd.