You should visit Asakusa in Tokyo ! – There are temples, Souvenir shops, and Japanese suites shops in Asakusa.


Asakusa is the center of Tokyo’s low city, one of Tokyo’s districts, where an atmosphere of the Tokyo of past decades.

There are temples, Souvenir shops, Japanes and Suitese sphops in Asakusa.
You can be exposed to traditional Japanese culture.

P1060091_RThe Nakamise street.

P1060178_R Sensoji is a very popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

P1060204_R This is where we do the praying.

P1060207_RBow a little,throw in the money and put your palms together.
Close your eyes, and make your wish.

P1060189_RIt’s said that putting this smoke on yourself will heal that part of your body.

P1060212_RYou can pick up a fortune paper.
Let’s see what our fortune is for the year!

P1060215_RFirst, put a 100 yen coin into the slot.

P1060218_RNow shake the box gently until one stick comes out.

P1060220_RYou gat one.

P1060225_RCheck the number on the stick and find the matching drawer.

P1060227_RTake out one piece of paper.

P1060229_RThis is your fortune! Good fortune!

P1060231_RIf you get an unlucky fortune, you should tie it onto here.

P1060230_RYou should tie it like this.

P1060100_RA souvenir shop.

P1060107_RManeki-nekos(Fortune Cats) keychains.


P1060104_RZoris(Japanese Sandals).



P1060169_RJapanese tradional masks.

Anime masks and Japanese lanterns.

P1060109_RPost cards.

P1060147_RAnko-dama(Japanese sweets)

P1060164_RSenbei(rice crackers).

P1060156_RYou can eat fresh senbei.

P1060155_RHe is making senbei.

P1060158_Rit’s ready to eat. 100 yen a piece.

■ Asakusa  Infomation
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 8:00
CLOSE : 19:00
*Open year round
< Access >
2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Asakusa Station(Tokyo Metro)
< Route form Asakusa Station(Tokyo Metor) >

浅草寺1Leave Asakusa station by the Sensoji Temple -Exit No.1-

浅草寺2Turn right at the Exit.

浅草寺3Go straight.

浅草寺4Go straight.

浅草寺5You’ll find the”Kaminarimon(雷門)” on the Right.

浅草寺6There is the Asakusa Culture & Tourist Information center.
It’s across the street from Kaminarimon.